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Preventive dentistry is the modern way which helps you to keep a healthy mouth and maintain oral hygiene which allows less dental treatment. The main reason for the tooth loss is decay and gum disease. Preventive dental care helps to maintain oral hygiene keeping your teeth for life.Primary dental care can be taken by you only, furthermore, we are here to take care of your dental problems. At Dr. Nilawar dental clinic, dentist and our dental team work together, to identify the patients need which help to prevent the problems.What We Do At Dr. Nilawar Dental Clinic?First of all, the dentist will examine and evaluate your mouth and dental problems and plan your preventive treatment accordingly. Our main aim is to help you get your mouth healthy. To achieve this complete dental cleaning will be done by the dentist to remove all bacterial infections, plaque, and calculus deposited beneath the gums caused due to improper oral hygiene and oral conditions.What Are The Oral Problems Associated With Inadequate Oral Hygiene?Accumulation of dental plaque and calculus on tooth surfaceBacterial infection which causes dental cariesFormation of pockets within gums due to infectionBleeding gumsSwollen, tender and itchy gumsLoss of tooth support such as Gums and boneGum recessionLoosening of teethBad breathChange in normal biteDue to loosening, teeth protrude forwardWhat Care Do You Need To Take For Prevention?Brushing twice a dayFlossing along with brushing is also necessary for the removal of food deposits between the teeth.Use fluoridated toothpasteRegular us of mouthwash helps minimize bacterial activity in mouthAvoid sugary beveragesStop deleterious habits such as smoking, tobacco chewing, and drinking alcohol etc.Adult should use toothbrush with soft, small- to medium-sized bristleRoutine dental checkupTo learn more about preventive care and oral hygiene, book an appointment today at Dr. Nilawar Detal Clinic, Nagpur.

Bad breath is an unpleasant smell develops in the mouth which is sometimes embarrassing. In the medical profession, bad breath is known as Halitosis. Bad breath can occur mainly because of the kind of food a person eats, improper oral hygiene, some diseases or other factors.What are the factors responsible for bad breath?There are multiple risk factors and reasons for bad breath, even a healthy person can develop bad breath on occasion depending on medical conditions. Some common causes of bad breath include the following:Food : Food is a primary source responsible for the occurrence of bad odors from the mouth. There are some ingredients used such as garlic, onions, exotic spices and foods, some cheeses, fish, and acidic beverages such as the coffee can produce bad smell. Sometimes the smell is for a shorter period and few are permanent. When we eat something, food particles may get stuck between the teeth, encouraging the growth of bacteria and dental plaques, which leads to bad breath.Poor oral health : Brushing ad flossing twice a day improves oral hygiene and minimize the risk of bad breath. If the proper care not taken, the food particles stacked between the teeth rot and produce bacteria build up plaque and produce bad odor in the mouth.Health problems : Some medical conditions like sinus infections, pneumonia, sore throat and other infections such as the common cold, flu, tonsil, thrush, diabetes, digestion problems, and some liver diseases or kidney diseases may be associated with bad breath.Dry mouth : Saliva created in the mouth moist and cleanse the mouth, cleanse the teeth and also restrict the activity of bacteria present in the mouth. If the body does not produce enough saliva makes mouth dry and result in bad breath.Medications : Medications used to treat some allergies, diseases or some medical conditions are also responsible for dry mouth and bad odor.Mouth infections : Oral infections such as cavities, gum disease, impacted teeth may also responsible for bad breath.Dentures or braces : Loosely fitted dentures cause mouth sores and infections in the mouth is the main reason of bad breath. If the braces not cleaned properly as instructed by your dentist, the food particles stuck between can rot and cause bad odor.Morning breath : During sleep saliva production nearly stops which allow odor-causing bacteria to grow and produce bad breath in the morning.Pregnancy : During pregnancy, nausea and morning sickness is common, also dehydration, hormonal changes and different foods due to cravings also contribute to developing bad breath.Habits : Some of the habits such as smoking, tobacco chewing, alcoholism may also cause bad breath.

Gum disease or pyorrhea or periodontal infection is an ongoing bacterial infection within gums and bone surrounding your teeth. The infection begins with an inflammation of the gums around teeth & if not treated at a time, this inflammation may destroy the bone resulting in tooth loss. Approximately 75% of adult loses their teeth due to gum infection.Research has been proved, the gum problems are caused mainly due to several serious medical conditions which include heart disease, diabetes & stroke. Periodontal health is an important key component to a healthy body hence oral health maintenance is essential.What is an Ongoing Gum Infection?Gum disease is an ongoing infection around your teeth to which you can not fight off the infection solely, but with the help of periodontal therapy we can improve the overall health of gums and residing bone by cleaning the debris & bacteria from the infection site allowing the gum for healing.Why The Gum Infection Occurs?People with gum disease have low resistance to bacteria, which results in progression of gum infection. Deeper it grows, more teeth support you lose. Here are some of the factors responsible are:Poor oral hygieneDental plaqueSmokingHereditary factorsMental stressInadequate nutritionOld ageProlonged IllnessWhat Are The Symptoms of Gum Infection?The infection is painless until it reaches to an advanced stage. Although, there are few signs which show you have gum infection are:Red, swollen gumsGum bleeding while brushing or at other timesAching, bruised or tender gumsLowering gumsPus formation between teeth and gumsBad breathDisturbed biteImproper fit of partial denturesLoosen, spacing or protruding teethFood disposition between or under the gumsIf you notice the symptoms mentioned above are the warning signs of gum infection. Visit your dentist as soon as possible for a periodontal evaluation.Sometimes, your gums seem normal but at the time of evolution, if the pockets present inside the gums, this means there is an ongoing infection.How Gum Disease Treated?About 75% of adult suffering from gum disease results in loss of tooth support. This is mainly caused by a bacterial infection that penetrates into the gums & bone around your teeth, creating inflammation. This condition is responsible in loosening of teeth followed by tooth loss.Gum disease can only be treated by two ways depending on its severity and condition.Scaling And Root Planning:The primary periodontal condition can be treated by removing the bacterial waste, plaque, and calculus accumulated within gums. It is done with the help of ultrasonic scalar which cleans all the deposits adhered to the tooth surface. This minimizes the risk of further periodontal or gum problems.Surgical TherapyIf the infection is too severe and starts destroying the tooth support resulting loosening of tooth or tooth loss, then a surgical procedure performed to remove the lower level infection. Dentist repairs the damaged area with a procedure known as Bone Grafting.

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His Inspiration his father late Dr Hemant Nilawar served the noble proffesion as a dentist for 37 years,Dr Nikhalesh Nilawar passed BDS from VSPM dental college Nagpur 1996-2000,and achieve ISOI fellowship in 2015 and life member of ISOI He is running his clinical practice at Dharampeth, Nagpur and Gondia, Maharashtra,and as a consultant implantologist. Being passionate to his profession he is specialized in dental implants,full mouth rehabilitation, dental cosmetology and smile designing procedures,single sitting RCT and many other Advanced training program in surgical Implantology. (ICOI certified USA) Sinus lift surgical procedure in implantology(Taipei taiwan) Various alveolar ridge augmentation techniques in implant (Lisbon Portugal) Full mouth rehabilitation course with hybrid and fixed prosthesis with Implants(Jakarta Indonesia) Implants in an esthetic zone(Los Angeles,USA) CAD CAM Technology for complete denture fabrication from Univesity of Southern California (Herman ostrow school of dentistry)(USA) All on 4 Implants with zygoma implant in Oakland,CA (USA) [shrink]


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